LaserNexus is a subsidiary of Zoltan Research Corp  founded in 1994 by our chief consulting Engineer after more than 25 years consulting in Manufacturing and Software Engineering.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality parts, and refurbished lasers at competitive prices. We offer Laser tubes, Yag heads, flashlamps, rods, new, used, or refurbished for a number laser systems. We have parts for some lasers that are no longer readily available. Our primary objective is to be a premier supplier of laser, optics, and laser components to laser dealers, service companies and research organizations worldwide.  For the semiconductor manufacturing industry, we also have some metrology equipment & process lamps .  We currently have lots of laser equipment, optics and laser components from our Labs available for purchase. Following Sep 11, 2001, we reorganized 1 Jan 2003.

Pictures and specs available upon request. Call or Email us.